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Muse and Minds


Muse and Minds strive to awaken the ability for change and empowerment within all individuals by focusing on ethical, holistic and sound counselling techniques and methodologies. These counselling techniques and methodologies are used to aid clients in becoming the best version of themselves.


Muse and Minds focuses on empowering individuals by arming them with unique tools to help them become the best they can be.

As the counselling journey of each individual is unique, various methodologies are used, which include, but are not limited to holistic,

behavioural, cognitive, emotive and creative.

Meet the Counsellor

Hi there!

My name is Lehandra Riley. I am a skilled Specialist Wellness Counsellor with experience in counselling individuals, couples and groups from various
backgrounds and with various challenges. I have a special interest in trauma, anxiety and depression management and creative modalities.
I hold a degree in Musicology (BMus), a Post
Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and a BA (Hons)
in Psychology. 

I believe that no one is a better expert on your life than you. As a facilitator to wellness I aim to guide others towards becoming the best possible version of themselves. A healer rests within all of us merely awaiting the correct tools and kindness to be awakened.

I would love to be a part of your counselling journey.
It starts with the first step...

ASCHP Registration No: SWC22/1382

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