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A word of welcome

You belong here...

Hi there! I am thrilled to welcome you to this creative space. Here you will find blog/vlog inserts along with interesting musings and other useful media. This space is as much mine as it is yours. You are welcome to make suggestions for topics you would like us to cover. I invite you to like, comment, share and spread awareness by inviting others to join this space. As part of my welcome to you I would like to share my small beginnings journey with you.

My journey as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor (SWC) started back in 2020 when I saw a need in my community during the pandemic for counselling services. I started volunteer work at a local NPO where I facilitated in person and online counselling. During 2021 I taught music and PSW at a private school. However, I soon discovered that I missed my role as counsellor and that I could help a lot more people and learners by going into private practice. It was during that year that I completed my BA Honours in Psychology via Unisa. Due to the pandemic I sadly did not have a graduation ceremony, but I celebrated this milestone none the less!

I resumed my role as a volunteer counsellor in 2022 at the same NPO and completed my hours in order to register with the ASCHP as a SWC. My initial plan for 2022 was to enroll for my masters in counselling psychology or music therapy. However, once I started this journey I realised (with my background in education and over a decade experience) that I still have a lot to learn in my role as SWC. Therefore, I decided to dedicate myself to the task and scope of a SWC by learning as much much as I can to better serve my clients.

As much as I am a teacher I see myself as a life long learner. My academic background starts with my first degree, my Bachelors in Musicology. Music has always been a healing force in my life for which I cannot express enough gratitude. I wanted to share my passion and love for music by teaching music in schools. My PGCE enabled me to do so and I had a blast teaching my music students and leading my choirs victoriously into competitions and Eisteddfods. This passion of mine is preserved as part of the music lessons Muse and Minds offers everyone willing to learn.

My community work did not end with the completion of my volunteer hours. Each year Muse and Minds make their services available at a discounted rate to clients with financial constraints and in dire need of help. This option is still available to those in need. My aim with starting Muse and Minds has always been to make counselling accessible and affordable to everyone who needs it.

Thank you for reading and sharing in my journey. I would love to be a part of yours!

The only thing left to do is to take the first step...


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